Absorb, initiate, design & deliver.

CCM offers ultimate project management. After briefing, we take the scheme, communicate regularly and deliver, with a superior attention to detail.

Drawing on our extensive portfolio of contracts CCM is able to provide an end-to-end project management service throughout the entire aquisition, development and construction process.

Depending on individual clients needs, we are able to offer these services as a combined package or as an individual bespoke service. We ensure client representation, budget control, negotiation, due diligence and feasibility.

We will manage programme and time lines through a bench-marking system and regular meetings / client updates.

We will administer CDM Regs and Health & Safety legislation and audit all potential project disciplines vigourously.

CCM project managment is your conduit to a succesful execution of your requirements. Ultimate project management, that affords ultimate peace of mind.