Sustainability: able to be maintained at a certain rate or level: sustainable economic growth or conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

Our ecological understanding has combined with a concerned approach to our environment and led to a concise and clear understanding of our responsibilities towards our sustainability policy.  At CCM we consider sustainability from three angles;

People, Partnership & Planet.


CCM is a vocation not a job. We truly are valued and passionate. We work hard to further develop the skills of and opportunities for all CCM staff. Our people policy isn’t restricted to our direct staff but encompasses our tradesmen, contractors and supply chain, many of whom we have been partnering for over fifteen years.

CCM actively supports The Astell Foundation, a homeless charity serving the less fortunate of central London. We recognise that office space, especially for a charity comes at a huge premium, that is why we support Astelll by providing their team of staff and volunteers with a hot desk at our central London office. We believe in more than charity, we believe in doing business differently.

We nurture regular discussions within the company to review and provide suggestions to improve our personal social responsibility, which has a direct link to our corporate social responsibility. At CCM we conduct our business activities to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing for everyone involved our world. We value people.


By constantly engaging in dialogue, education and communication with suppliers, clients and communities relative to our key business areas, we believe we can make a greater commercial and social impact.

CCM has a very healthy procurement process developed though a ten year relationship with key suppliers. We pass on the benefits of these partnerships to our clients, a good reason why we enjoy such high client retention.

We value our partners and believe that something as simple as communication with key groups,  can create the space for change.


We strive to progressively reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and reduce our carbon footprint. Whilst we are aware that this is a daunting task, we encourage the adherence to this philosophy where possible. We are aware of our impact on the planet and are working hard to reduce it.

We value our planet. CCM always looks to build with sustainable products, to minimise waste to landfill, to prevent pollution and protect biodiversity where possible.

Creative Construction Management