CCM will space plan your office for your business and emotional needs. We will listen, absorb and innovate. The juxtaposition between the design and the build process is often tenuous, we will read the space in all facets and take the anxiety out of your space planning.  Appraising your work space and providing informed and expert solutions is what we pride ourselves on.

There are legal requirements, accommodation standards, I.T., staff welfare, telecoms, as well as the hot potato of who sits where! We have a successful history of “stress free” space planning for both big and small offices.

Just to help you through the initial layers we have listed out some key areas that you may find helpful prior to contacting us.

What are accommodation standards?

CCM has developed its own accommodation standards based on countless successful office design projects. These include, average square feet per person, corridor widths, appropriate sizes for tea points, copy areas, meeting rooms, receptions and storage.

We personalise these standards for every project we work on, passing the benefit of our knowledge to you.

What are the legal requirements?

There are a myriad of legislative issues to consider when space planning (and constructing) your space and with CCM taking control, your project will be both designed and built within current legal guidelines.

What are my business requirements?

CCM understands that your companies professional needs and your employees emotional needs will form the corner stone of your space plan.

One business may want more private space for confidential conversations, whereas another may want to foster more open plan interaction. CCM are experienced enough to ensure we take every aspect of your business into consideration when shaping the space you inhabit. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us.

What about I.T. and Telecoms?

Whether it’s a refurbishment or a full re-fit, we have a solution for your I.T. needs.

Cables! How we like to hide away the wires that feed our computers, laptops and phone chargers. Access to your data cabling is something we are extremely experienced with. Whether your office has raised flooring enabling us to traffic cables underfoot, fixed flooring requiring work stations near walls or ceilings with power and data poles, we are skilled & competent in finding effective, tidy, solutions.

Of course we can supply the new phones to your desktops and the new technology to your comms room.

Flexibility and Growth

CCM offer liquid solutions that accommodate future growth or change. Where do you want to be in five years? Let’s talk about it, and we will absorb, innovate, design for your future and deliver a scheme for you to live in and grow into.

This future proofing is a methodology that is incorporated within any space planning project.

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